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It's not nice to make fun of people's weight, but in the case of axl rose, it's just too easy. Famously mercurial guns n roses frontman axl rose has a bone to pick with the internet. Ettts ahh beeeee i luhv duh beeee.

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Only those who live in a cave didnt known about the jokes connected with axl rose and his extreme weight gain. The multi-talented frontman of the popular rock band guns n roses has put up a great performance and has become a prominent figure in rock and roll music. The lead singer of guns n' roses has led such a colorful life even his roadies got in on the action, as evidenced by axl rose roadie stories circling the globe.


If you know, please let send us a tip. There were many photos depictin an arrogant rocker with parodies for the texts of his songs the lyrical gusts of the singer were presented like his addiction to food. Shes already seen to licking your thighs, chubby, your toned middle, and even brought her maw down to visit your crotch. Axl rose stories are the stuff of rock and roll legend. It would also be better for everyone if you have a gorgeous, chiselled jawline and a non-existent beer gut.

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